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Okay, now get into that trash barrel!

by Jerry

Sigh. Well, Don is back from vacation. This is good. This magazine is MUCH easier to produce with the two of us. And Summer is coming so we should see more of the Spud in our "Editorial Offices".

So we have more Cyrano. Cool. We have two new authors; Neil Ayres from the UK graces us with "Soup of the Day" and Thomas R. gets his own sort of Fan Club with Elizabeth Thomas's riff on his 3002 Hugos.

Wonderfully, we have even more new authors coming next week. We can't do this without all of you. And we've had a decent upswing of visitors. We get about 90 an issue, and we plan on doing a bit of advertising in Asimov/Analog classifieds (thanks for the idea, Thomas).

So until next week... "what do you mean 'we', white man?"

Jerry. The Bottle Washer