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Forum, or maybe Fivem

by Jerry

So, if you've been paying attention at all, you'll see we have a new forum. It is a marvelous piece of FREE software known as phpBB, because it is written in the scripting language 'php' and it is a BB or bulletin board.

And shortly, in my copious free time, I'll install the "Fully Modded" version of this thing which has Instant Messaging, Chat Rooms, baby changing, mind changing, personality changing, sex changing... No, sorry, I guess no changing stuff, got carried away. Anyway, a bunch of stuff. It should be interesting.

MOre bewildering stuff on tap from Gerald Sheagren, who, though bewildering, is trying to turn us into Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. It's okay, Ger' just keep on submitting! And John Thiel is back after a long absence, as well as more Cyrano, Thomas R., and a 'ditty' from me.

So enjoy, read, and SUBMIT!

Jerry. The Bottle Washer