Bewildering Stories

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Lines composed many light years
above Westminster Abbey

by Thomas R.

Several centuries have passed for him
Since he left his beloved home
Yet eons for them
As in this time of exile
He has watched stars be born and die
Nebulas come in the wink of an eye
Spectacles flash from childish dreams
From a Universe changing in accelerating time
While he changes as well
For he can sense the unnerving joy
As the grand minds fill the expanse
Entangled inside them all
Soon is all that ever was
And Nothing too
Until they fill his mind
With their endless choir

Yet one voice among them he can accept
Only person to never reject
His strange eccentricity
So upon an “England” far hence
Which she recalled
>From her grand memory
Stands a sailor
And his beloved sister
As they compose lines
Far, far beyond any abbey

Copyright © 2003 by Thomas R.