Bewildering Stories

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by Jerry Wright

O party down Corescoi girl
O party down Corescoi boy
O party down Corescoi thing
Minds whirl with joy and then try to sing

You land at the port
with a purse filled with shai
I'm waiting for you
and I'm wanting to die

Corescoi are looking
for dreamdust and drink
With backpay to spend
and with no need to think

So I swirl up and try
to determine the gen
is it he she or it
in this foul smelling den.

But the angel-winged spacers
are a decadent crew
Though they're willing to pay
there are things I won't do.

Still a runner they need
who can find what they want
who will live with jibe
and roll with the taunt

But the 'Dark' ones have
taught me a marvelous thing
So I sneak onboard ship
with a Corescoi Ring.

As I hide in the deep
of the cargo bay well
the Corescoi crew
have some stories to tell

Of the draggle-top earth-kid
who ran off with a Ring
And just what could he do
with a 'technical' thing?

If I die when when we leave
Or I die when I'm caught
Still I'm finally free
of the second class lot.

So party on down
you great Corescoi race
I'm alive on your ship
and I don't "know my place".

Copyright © 2003 Jerry Wright