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On the road again...

by Jerry

Ha! Don thought I'd written an editorial because I'd simply copied the editorial from issue 47 over to 49. I then modify the "copy" part of the text (as I'm doing right now), and voila! I have a new editorial.

I'm writing this from wilds of darkest equatorial Tennesee, where I'm visiting my sisters and aged mother. Fun stuff, especially as I have my son, daughter-in-law, and 3 grandbabies along, the oldest of whom is four. Anyway, Don has done yeoman work putting this issue together. A great learning experience for ya. Now you know...

More bewildering stuff on tap from Gerald Sheagren, who, though bewildering, is trying to turn us into Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. It's okay, Ger' just keep on submitting! (I said this earlier, but after all, this is a copied file, right?) More new authors and old. We love it.

So enjoy, read, and SUBMIT!

Jerry. The Bottle Washer

Hello, Jerry! Are we ever glad to hear from you!

Just a quick hello here to wish you a happy and fun vacation with the family.

I’ve closed the H2 tag in the title line on this page; readers using Internet Explorer might see the text centered and in size 2. Netscape 7.0.2 is more forgiving and displays the text normally. I work in Netscape and use I.E. as an auxiliary and for double-checking the formatting.

Our readers may be happy to know that this “learning experience” may help us speed up our turnaround time at Bewildering Stories even more while reducing the e-mailing. As I say, if you send me the submissions and tell me where they belong, I can format them and then place them in the proper directories. I really prefer to leave the home page indexing to you; you’re the one who knows where all the files are! My filing system is, basically: “It’s in here somewhere.” Hopefully planet Earth, but not necessarily...

Your faithful Apprentice Bottle Washer and Breaker,