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Seven Seasons

by Thomas R.

We begin with the season of poison rain
Of deadly air
World made for Pain
Old dreams fell into despair

Then came the season of engineers
Of changing the sky
Toiling for hundreds of years
Only to watch themselves die

Third was the season of the domes
As the first colonists came
To create new homes
And gain lasting fame

The next season called simply “green”
As life grew
To fill every scene
All felt a hopeful future true

Sadly instead came disaster
The season of defeat
Saw the land flood faster
Than the colonist could retreat

Although a few did remain
Tahitian refugees on shrinking isles
And no one could explain
This being called the season of smiles

Closing season they left Venus
Our time came as theirs went
Calmly we brought back the greenness
Oceanic octopus world as it had always been meant

Copyright © 2003 by Thomas R.