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Augury 2002

Yep, even more letters (or one letter and a bunch of replies, anyway)...

Dear Bottle Washer,

BWS just keeps getting better and better! Thomas R's story was his best yet, and I especially enjoyed the spudmeister's rejection poem. Les Fleurs de la Stupidite was my favorite but, um, it seems to be written in a strange and alien language, which of course makes it perfectly bewildering. Keep up the good work. Bewilderment stimulates the brain cells.


Just publish it...



Gotcha, Jerry. Will do. Have done actually, if you're reading this.


The authors reply...

Chère Sherry...

J'ai écrit «Les Fleurs de la Stupidité» en français. C'est très magnifique que vous l'ayez aimée. Merci.

—Pomme D. Terre

Hi, Sherry. Glad to see you enjoyed my rejection poem. I'll keep writing them periodically as long as I keep getting those darn what's-its...

—The Invincible Spud

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