Bewildering Stories

Quest for Perspicacity

Part 1

C.C. Cheez



Frivoli: a planet of life. A planet of peace. A planet of happiness. The whole planet is wonderfully green. There is a smile on every creature's face.

Suddenly, up in space, there was an immense explosion. A mysterious spaceship was flying across the Perspicax solar system. Its integument was being slowly obliterated by holes caused by blaster weapons.

The spacecraft was known as the Parallax. It belonged to the evil Unknown Force, which was having a battle on the Parallax against eight kids from Colony Fleuron on Europa, Jupiter's moon. They had offended the Unknown Force by refusing to be captured.

The Unknown Force had destroyed Earth and conquered Earth colonies on Mars and Europa. The Earthlings had fled from the hopeless Colony Fleuron on an interplanetary ecosystem called the Terrene. Then came the Unknown Force. Its many robots captured the ship and its passengers.

The eight kids were escorted onto the Parallax. They escaped and the C-12 and C-24 robots had fired blaster guns at them. They found the escape capsules and flew away from the hazardous Parallax to seek shelter somewhere.

The closest planet was the violet-colored Septentrion. It was devoid of life, having only violet pebbles, violet rocks, violet stones, violet rock fragments, violet crystals, violet dust, violet sand, violet sediment, violet boulders, violet mountains, and more violet rocks. Septentrion was only 30 million kilometers from the placid and jocund Frivoli and 12 million miles from the most perilous place to be in the Perspicax solar system, the planet of Placcyod and its two moons.

To be continued . . .

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