Bewildering Stories

Thought Processes

M.D. Verem

My mother never finished the thought. She seemed to be confused, perplexed, and puzzled. I recorded her thoughts, but the last one was incomplete. This was strange. Her mind had been turned off. Most interesting, I thought. I reactivated her mind. She finished the thought, which I recorded using advanced MindRecord 4000 software. My mother was thinking about frogs. Most interesting, I thought. Why would she think about frogs? I had no idea. I asked Mlek about it. He was also puzzled. Why would my mother be thinking about an extinct amphibian that lived 2,000 years ago? It did not seem reasonable. "Well. That is most interesting," said Mlek. "Really?" I said. My mother had died long ago. But before she died, a copy was made of her mind, which was uploaded onto my computer using MindRecord 4000 software. But the software was having problems. Most interesting, I thought. I did not believe that the finished thought about frogs was a completion of her original thought.

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