Bewildering Stories

Once Upon a Treetop

Karen M.

Once upon a treetop, it rained. But it only rained once on that treetop. After it rained, the Fotchilolly programmed a force field into existence above the tree. No rain would rain on it ever again.

When asked why it programmed a force field to stop rain from falling on that treetop, the Fotchilolly said, "It is necessary. Rain must only fall once on this treetop. If it falls more than once, the world will end."

The inhabitants of the forest disagree, however. Large crowds of over a hundred protesters gathered around the tree last Sunday to demonstrate against the creation of the force field.

One demonstrator, a tree shrew who requested to remain anonymous, said, "This tree is an important part of the forest. The force field will prevent rain from falling on it. If it does not receive enough water, it will die. If it dies, many of the inhabitants of the forest will lose their homes."

Gzmork Mleemli, a squirrel, agrees: "This tree has been an important aspect of the forest for centuries. Without the tree, the forest will be no more."

The Fotchilolly has decided to postpone the programming of the force field until November 14.

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