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The Dragon King

by Thomas R.

From his lair in Bhutan
You shall find Druk Yul
Last king of the race of Man
Only land on Earth left to rule

For some fled to the stars
Others became buried under ice or sand
You will find most as simulation on Mars
Leaving the rest under a group mind grand

Yet he alone preserves the old life
On his Dragon throne
Fighting against the change and strife
Leaving his people in flesh and bone

Thus they wish him to die
Seek rescue from their backward state
Democracy and Progress they cry
Not knowing their horrible fate

As he is the Dragon King
Ruler of Earth’s last human land
Possessor of that powerful thing
His “dragon” with a mind he cannot understand

Dragon shall roar this night
Let us watch from a safe place
Unleashing this AI of fright
That protects its ideal of the human race

Copyright © 2003 by Thomas R.

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