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Drive Friendly

by Lou Antonelli

The red and blue lights set inside under the rear window of the car began to flash. Within a few seconds their intensity began to grow almost imperceptibly.

“Dammit, Henry, slow down before the siren goes off!”

“I’m so sick of this, I have half a mind to speed up and make it really worth my while.”

“Don’t get your macho up. Slow down.” He did.

“I’ll pay the fine.” She leaned forward and slipped a debit card into the slot in the dashboard. A slip of paper shot out.

“I’ll tuck the receipt into my bag. Why were you speeding?”

“When you go down this hill, you have to real careful or you pick up a lot of speed.”

“Well, you were only four miles over the limit. It only cost us $500.”

“Let’s just thank God for national security,” he said bitterly. “At least, when I was a kid, they had to send a policeman after you to actually write a damn ticket.”

Copyright © 2003 by Lou Antonelli

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