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His Acid Snow

by Thomas R.

Snow flies across the mountain pass
Tiny flake alights on her cheek
And burns it like acid
Burning her with memories
Of his hate and selfishness

* * *

She first met him in September
It began as a hot summer day
Turned into a snow filled week
Days then together
Of cocoa, song, and foolishness
And love

Then they moved to Graham town
Quaint resort on the Antarctic coast
An ironic gift of the warming
Nevertheless he joked
“For Christmas there shall be snow”
And so snow came, despite the Summer

Then came years of disappointment
He grew cold and distant
The land grew dry as he grew morose
So she found love elsewhere
And he found his release or his revenge
In his suicide

* * *

She screams into the snowy land
That mocks her with former joy
“You ran from me first” she pleads
“You brought this on yourself” she accuses
“Why are you doing this?” she begs
And then collapses in frustration

But the snow could give no answer
As it could never do so
For it had just been mere snow
On a cold winter day
Where a grief stricken widow imagined
The presence of his Acid disapproval
In nature itself

Copyright © 2003 by Thomas R.

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