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Why So Glum, Chum?

by Jerry Wright

In many respects, Bewildering Stories has grown beyond our wildest dreams. Why? Because "in the beginning" there weren't any dreams. It was just a joke. It isn't a joke, now. It is a real, living, breathing (well, metaphorically at least) web based magazine. And things change. Which sometimes is sad.

We say goodbye to Lou Antonelli for a while. Circumstances have changed, and he isn't going to be writing any more flash fiction for BWS. We wish him well in his new job, and hope that circumstances will change once again.

We were Link Of The Day from and our server got hammered. It didn't melt down, but it did make me realize that we're going to have to start moving to larger quarters, server-wise, in not too long a time. Not a problem, really, just a hassle. But then, isn't life?

I love working with computers. I am a network tech, as well as a licensed electrical contractor, and a bunch of tech work is heading overseas. Fortunately, much of what I do is hands-on stuff, so I'll stay busy, but my son in Seattle is a tech worker, and he's pounding the pavement. Along with 10,000 other displaced Seattle Hi-Tech workers.

So, here I am, trying desperately to tie in this week's psuedomonthly name with an editorial, and struggling, because, in reality, things are going well for BWS. We have new readers, we have new (and international) authors; things are looking good. But hey, I can overlook all that! So, remember, things always look darkest just before the monster comes up from the basement and eats the teen-aged cheerleader, so there IS always a bright side.

Jerry, The Bottle Washer