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If I Were a Werewolf...

A Vampire Dreams of Werewolf Bliss

by Roberto Sanhueza

If I were a werewolf
I would not look at the moon with eyes of love
its pale light would only
cramp my heart and make me shiver
when the time came
for my monthly fever

If I were a werewolf
I’d roam the night as a filthy beast
with hairy face and loony eyes
I’d scare the peasants and make them cry
but maybe my lady would be pleased

If I were a werewolf
perhaps they’d chase me with sticks in flames
all through the forest and curse my name
but that would be only once every full moon
and I’d still have daylight and flowers’ bloom
I could see my face in mirrors
and enjoy my breakfast muffins
I’d eat garlic by the handful
And never, ever, sleep in coffins

Copyright © 2003 by Roberto Sanhueza

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