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Framming at the JimJams

by Jerry Wright

Hey, if it's good enough for the Wizard of Id, it is certainly good enough for me. I like cartoons. Obviously I like UserFriendly (, I like Megatokyo (, I like BC and "the Wizard of Id" as well as "Zits" and "Dilbert". I'm not sure what that has to do with anything. I ramble.

Oh well, I'm in good company.

Remember the story by Eric Frank Russell called "And Then There Were None" where the colonists on one planet were all "Gands" with the philosophy of life "MYOB" and "F--IW". "Freedom, I Won't". A wonderful concept for those of us who cherish freedom. But it requires that those in power be sane. How would an Gand or 100,000 Gands stand against someone like Saddam Hussain? Nope. It requires another planet. Why did civil disobedience and Ghandism work in India? Because the British were sane, and easily embarrassed.

A sad adjunct to that is the comment by Frank Herbert in The Dosadi Experiment, "It's not so much that power corrupts, as that power attracts the corruptable." And I'm afraid that those in power become a little less sane, and a little more corrupt with each day that passes.

As I said earlier... Ah well.

Jerry. The Bottle Washer