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According to The Locus Index to SF Awards, here's how to increase your chances of being nominated for a genre award:

To increase your chances, make yourself eligible for as many different awards as possible. You would do best to be a citizen of Australia, Canada, or the UK, and write a Libertarian alternate history romance that blends SF, fantasy, and horror, involves gay characters yet is suitable for children. If a book, publish it in the US as a paperback original; if a story, publish it in a magazine that runs a readers' poll. Paint the cover art or sketch the interior illustration yourself. And whichever it is, it should be your first published work.

Sounds like the formula for the perfect Bewildering Stories story! This is exactly what we're looking for here at Bewildering Stories. If you submit a story like this, not only do you increase your chances of being nominated for a genre award, you increase your chances of being accepted and published within our electronic pages!

So don't hesitate. Scribble away and submit! We're waiting...

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