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Toomuchtoremember 2002

Egad! More letters...

"The Random Universe Next Door" sounds like a spaceship trip in the Cosmic All. Kali is a writer par excellence. Summers' tale reads like SciFi.Com's Dominion Chat.

A fine format and logo. I'd like to hear Holly Schmidt's music. Whose fault is it I can't access it? It's a good magazine and I wish you further success with it.

Like much recent SF, "Stupid Story" seems a complaint about modern popular culture. Karen M. keeps the ecology and nature debates alive. William W. presents an interesting scientific shaggy dog story. "Tanglefoot"--we do need a mouse. Seems like the candidate was suffering an overload in Sherry's story. Fast food and nonotechnics in Malak's.

Two Action-Painting serials; I liked Quest better, due to the vulgarity of Drek's, which was a bit like Pratchett's SOUL MUSIC.

Of the poems, "Path of the Flying Beaver" most amusing, reading like part of the Birch Bark Mythos.

Silversmith: one philosophizes oneself into being a slave of time.

Coleoptera's article is a work of first-class humor. I suppose one thing writers' manuals don't mention is you have to live authoring in order to get published.

I like the way Spud's editorial makes it clear that that is a Cyberspace publication, and "alternate universe" is a good term for computer relationships. And Don is a good promoter working with a good idea for a magazine.

John Thiel

Thanks for your kind comments, John. We have a far broader selection of "things" than I ever would have guessed.

As to the music, it is embedded in the webpage, and you need an appropriate "plug-in" for your browser. I use one called "Beatnik" available from


That's not what I meant by "alternate universe," though you're welcome to interpret it that way. Certainly makes sense, though a bit bewildering...

And, of course, glad you liked my editorial.

—The Invincible Spud

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