Bewildering Stories

The Mountain Girl

Thomas R.

Singing songs they climb the mountain
Her life's climax awaits
Her father is there as are the good men of the village
In clear air she believes she sees the gods smiling
A snowflake gently falls on her cheek
Approaching their destinations the clouds part majestically
The old man smiles at her and she kneels
She sees the rock come down on her
Her skull cracks and the blood pours down her face
The job is not yet done
Another hit and it is enough
Soon after she is said to have met the gods
Her tears that day are said to be the great river Amazon
It hardly need be said we feel these were tears of joy
After all she is legend
May we all die that well!

An earlier version of this poem was previously published online at the Asimov's Forum, 2001.

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