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Responses to Challenge 60

Editors’ note: All “Challenges” remain open indefinitely. The first appeared in issue 59.

Thomas R. bravely treads where Ye Editors have tried to rush in before with Challenge 60.

The title is okay by me, but here are some alternate titles

  • The Power of Words
  • Don’t Say Just Anything
  • Irony Beach
  • What the Billionaire Found
  • Bottled up Inside
  • Jinn Dummy [or Djinn Dummy]
  • Misunderstood Genie-us (okay, it’s the same pun; ET’s the pun guy)

Here’s an unofficial mini-challenge: which of Thomas R.’s suggestions do you think was Ye Editor Jerry’s favorite? Submit your guesses and your own favorite and suggestions; just click here.


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