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John Thiel writes:

Innovative editors:

I was really pleased to see your salute to Surprising Stories in the latest issue of BWS. Know what it did? It made my day. And I’m glad you liked the attention being called to Cyrano.

Randy Beck’s story was the outstanding one in the latest issue. His story really had something to say and brought up a matter of present interest, namely the worth and quality of artificial intelligence. I search about for a comparitive for the story and can only say that it reminds me of those posted on the Galaxy board, which is notable for its novelty. Here’s real talent and I hope there’ll be more from him at BWS, where I can find it. That’s whenever he gets a good idea for another story.

It was another fine issue, and I’m happy to have been able to tell the story of the Zenebre, too.

John Thiel

Thanks, John.

We’re in this together. And there is enough talent out there for all of us, but, you seem to have a better source for poets. We don’t get enough poetry submissions.


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