Bewildering Stories

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by Minusplot

They say I’m completely crude, I find that divine.
Try to be happy for your state of mind; if that is what their selling as sanity
I’ll make my own.
Tomorrow is too far away they’ll kill us all if we let them. It’s just a matter of time.
If God’s around we’ve made him need a shrink.
Evil is not real but we make it so.
Look inside, who do you see? Do they look like anyone you know?
Everyone tells you where to go and what you need, but they have never been there
or asked you what you wanted.
The world looks for love but does not know what it looks like.
I’ve walked with ghosts and demons for far too long; my mind is a graveyard no more.
What you lose is never more than what you got.
Good is a dream, I’d rather wake and start my day.
All you’re given is a name; what have you made yours mean?
Fugen Bosatsu has amnesia, and is working as a manager of a south side
People watch their lives on the movie screen, screaming they want their money back,
because the writing sucks.
Never stop, never quit; make the bastards work for every inch, and when it’s done make
sure they will remember you.
Magicians cast the illusion of safety, muttering the magic word order.

Copyright © 2003 by Minusplot

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