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The Cloudless Sky

by Thomas R.

Once they had paradise
A land of milk and honey
That went beyond “nice”
Before the world turned sunny

The sunniness turned the land dry
Fruit and game did perish
Until they feared they too would die
Losing all they cherish

Thus the People left home
On realizing their oasis lost
Quest for water made them roam
Despite that journey’s cost

For the march took a terrible toll
With old and ill first to expire
Then the dead added more to their roll
Further victims to the sun’s fire

When they dwindled down to ten
Under that cloudless sky
Fear came that their world would end
The People doomed to die

At last the clouds came
Spotty as they seemed
They brought great acclaim
As the few survivors’ smiles beamed

Over days the clouds built strength
Increasing the chance of rain
Every increase in width and length
Became a promise to end their pain

Finally the rain washed down
Until it renewed the land
Last one then lost his frown
Even though he could not understand

Why he alone remained
To join the People of the North
Why he alone had gained
On their journey to and forth

Sometimes when he looks South
He still cries

Copyright © 2003 by Thomas R.

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