Bewildering Stories

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by Thomas R.

In Majestic’s first years, all kinds of people came. The old and the young. The big and the small. Majestic read their thoughts and found films from her vault to give them joy. And boy, did they ever do that! Back then, each night found her full. The people back then liked her that much! She liked them too.

As years passed, fewer people came. The elderly and the kids stopped coming, and those that still came were rude. They coughed and babbled throughout the films. Majestic did not like this turn at all!

When Majestic turned fifty, very few came. The ones who did tried to act happy, but failed. Their thoughts seemed to only concern a word called “Plague.” The film database had movies on Plagues. They sounded too sad for her party. So she showed happy films instead. She hoped that would make the people think less about the word. She did not like how the word upset them so.

At 87, her last patron died. She felt bad for the poor man. For 12 years he was her sole patron. He was so ill at the end. Those days she felt bad about the past, when she had not understood what “Plague” meant for people. She thought at first that doctor type movies would teach her how to make him better. They did not. She did not know what else to do. He told her to play his favorite movies. That seemed to make his last days better. It made her feel better too.

At 150, Majestic is very old and lonely. Her energy sources are giving out now. She has decided to rest. Nightey-night she says to Mr. Skeleton. Nightey-night she says to the rats. She powers down and sleeps. She has no fear. She knows she will be woken up again somehow. After all movies often have happy endings and so her life should, too. I mean how could it not?

Copyright © 2003 by Thomas R.

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