Bewildering Stories welcomes...

Mel Cartagena

Want something or somebody traced by a real, live private eye? Mel Cartagena is your man! But you’d better hurry, because Mel has already published in magazines around the world and is trading in his typewriter and trenchcoat for a high-speed laptop: he hopes to make a career in professional writing. If his film review article in the current issue is any indication, there’s no doubt about it: he’s well on his way. We wish him every success and hope he’ll return early and often to Bewildering Stories. Please check out Mel’s bio in “Bewildering Bios.”


“NewB,” like Thomas R., has a pretty tightly-guarded pen name. NewB and Mel might team up as undercover agents, judging by NewB’s Bewildering bio. It exudes enough mystery for any number of Bewildering Stories. Do we really want to know who or what NewB works for? It’s practically a Bewildering challenge in itself. And yet, as you can see from the bio, NewB himself is much too open, friendly and helpful to be working for the Dark Side of the Force. I think he and Mel would just have a great time and never mind the spy stuff. Welcome, NewB; we’re looking forward to reading more from you, too.

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