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The Naming of Names

by Jerry Wright

Each week, I'm forced, due to a precedent set by the Invincible Spud, to come up with a Pseudomonthly name that is not only "original" and "unusual", but by my lights anyway, clever, or punny, or somesuch. Sometimes that requires a working brain. Sometimes not. Anyway, this issue is named after the photograph that graces our front cover. Frankly, so that it doesn't take TOO long to load, I'm forced to use a few graphics tools to smallize it. The original is here:

M42DM - "The heart of Orion" at Rob Gendler's AstroPics. Rob is kind enough to give us permission to rummage through his startling and beautiful pictures. So, I do.

Perhaps, next week I'll have something clever for Issue69, which seems to be our Crime Issue, or at least a popularization of Breaking And Entering. So, enjoy, and don't be a halloweenie. Whatever I mean by that. I have no clue and I must type.

Jerry. The Bottle Washer