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John Thiel writes...

Congratulations to Deep Bora on a fine 3-part serial. I could not help but see in his story a comparison to the "consciousness-expanding" experimentation of the New Generation of the 60s --- these are people who succeeded in transcending their egos. Bora's characters don't have to, but they are experimental and their experimental conditions are similar. He is, among other things, doing a good job of keeping a concept going.

John Thiel

Thank you, John, for the nice compliment to Deep Bora! We’re sure he’ll be pleased.

Deep Bora’s stories take some getting used to, because they’re not “stories” in the conventional sense. Nor does “Deep” write conventional English; it’s rather exotic. To my mind, so much the better: Deep Bora enables us to look at both literature and language from a new and unusual viewpoint. And that fits squarely with the mission of Bewildering Stories: to bring you literature you can’t find “in the marketplace.”

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