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Why Am I Doing This?

Jerry Wright

Writing of any kind is a solitary task. And really, unless you are Isaac Asimov, who primarily wrote for the joy of writing, your greatest pleasure is having people read what you wrote. (Actually, the greatest pleasure is having people pay for the privilege of reading what you wrote, but unfortunately we can't do that yet...)

I love Science Fiction and Fantasy, and a good mystery. These genre stories haven't lost what I feel is a very important quality. They actually tell a story. They have a plot you can follow (sometimes with difficulty, but hey...), and you care about the characters. (Although not always, of course.)

So what are we doing here at Bewildering Stories? We've touched upon it in our various editorials: A place to play. A place for the not-quite-ready for primetime. A place to experiment. Sometimes the experiments work. Sometimes they don't. It doesn't matter. We are eclectic, and mildly(?) bizarre. And we let you stretch your wings and get that feeling of pleasure; "Hey, I was published in Bewildering Stories! And there are people READING what I wrote!"

So keep it up and keep the submissions coming in!

Jerry Wright -For the Editorial Triumvirate of Bewildering Stories

Copyright 2002 by Jerry Wright.