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Septuplegust 2002

Egad! More letters...

Dear Editor:

Kind of vicious of your readers not to comment on this bonanza double issue, but perhaps they preferred the forum.

The fiction was more standard work this time, although of course not very standard. Some of the poetry was a little off sf interest, but it read all right. I wonder if John Grey is the poet who used to publish verse in my fanzine? He was more identifiable with his address, but "Unquiet Dead" has a similar theme to his.

LOCUS seems to me on the spot in the matter of awards, but I think you would be making a mistake doing your own art for your story. The only thing that would do is cover up that you'd read any tips. Otherwise it sounds like a solipsist revving up to an editor.

Knowbody describes a writer more than he does anything else. Not many novels would be written without the borrowing of experiences.

The line "if the Foo sh***, wear it" is from an anecdote in Walt Willis' fanzine HYPHEN.

I'm not as happy as reviewer Eric Brown when there is a new zombie film.

Sherry might ask Ian Fleming why the navel is such a source of morality confrontation. It's a violation of Her Majesty's top secrecy to expose her Naval.

John Thiel

Thanks for your kind comments, once again, John. Of course, we are an "experimental" magazine, so all is grist for our mill.

I'm not quite sure what to make of the comment about artwork. Many talented artist/writers illustrate their own stories, and Lerk was invited/requested/ordered to provide an illo for Pepe. And a great one it is.

The "foo" story is old, old, old...


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