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CENTRAL IOWA (8/21/02)--Horror is huge across the digital landscape, yet for the average Horror writer, almost impossible to break into. Mid-list publishing–where most best-selling names matured--has been moldering in its grave since the late 80's, yet smaller independent publishers are making opportunities happen.

Double Dragon Publishing is making things happen with one Horror writer. Mark Sutton would like to take this time to trumpet the recent acquisition of his extreme Horror novel Cat's-paw. A multi-character, conceptually plotted tumble into Hell. Double Dragon eBooks, including Cat's-paw by Mark Sutton, can also be found (soon) at, and twenty-seven (27) other online outlets. A paperback version of Cat's-paw is due out in October. Double Dragon Publishing.

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Judas Iscariot; two-thousand-years-cursed to walk with man for his betrayal of the Christ, is about to get a second chance, and receives for the second time in his long lonely life, thirty silver coins. Thirty chances to save the living universe itself. Judas must walk west, from New York to central Iowa, the small town of Eisais, at each stop along his journey giving someone a coin. Thirty conscripts in the war to come. Tomas Bryer; street slime with a budding heart. Mandy Edgerton; Judas' lover and whore. Father Markel; evil's tool. Maria Diaz; a maid who wants more from life. One coin chooses its possessor. Lovely sixteen-year-old Tamera Ditters. Profoundly autistic Tamera with the living universe in her head.

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ISBN: 1-894841-66-2

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Reviewed by Paul Fry, Peep Show magazine.

Cat's-paw is full of good, believable and very likable characters. There are no annoying ones that you want to smack after the first few chapters--you know the ones where you pray the author has them eaten or sliced to bits by a hatchet-wielding maniac. You instantly warm and relate to them.

The writing is skillful and descriptive. I could imagine what each person looked like. I could see their surroundings and the nasty things that happen to them. And the good things, if you know what I mean!

As you get further into the book you can't wait to read what happens next. I'm usually a very slow reader, but I read Cat's-paw very quickly.

Several of the characters meet up towards the end of the book, and then the fun really begins! The ending is violent, gruesome, sexy and complex. I enjoyed this book--especially the ending.

Good stuff!

Reviewed by 2001 Bram Stoker nominee Joe Nassise, author of Riverwatch - Barclay Books

From its first eye-opening supposition to its final climatic ending, Cat's-paw takes you for a wild ride into the heart of the battle between good and evil.

The author, Mark Sutton, pulls us into Judas' world with a visceral tug that leaves our minds racing to keep up with our guts. His writing is quick and clean, but with a harsh edge that lets the reader know that this will not be a journey of pleasantries. After all, life on the street is often not pretty, and Mark does not depart from this truism just to save our better sensibilities.

Mark brings to life the thoughts and emotions of a man who has been wandering the earth for centuries without the love or care of those around him. He makes us feel the first faint stirring of hope as Judas realizes he has before him a chance to redeem himself and regain his soul.

The other characters that interact with Judas are equally well portrayed: Tamera, a young child with autism who becomes a prophet for the side of good; Father Markel, the wolf in sheep's clothing; Mandy, the whore who loves Judas; Galatea, the demon who serves The Machine. We are made to see through their eyes and, for the most part, understand their motivations. When they descend into the final, climatic confrontation, we, as the reader, are concerned for their welfare.

I feel justified in stating that Mark Sutton has created a work worthy of the reader's time and energy. I look forward to the next release from this new talent.


Mark Sutton has been writing professionally for several years. His work has appeared in numerous print and online publications. He's the former Art Director of Knight's Typography, former Marketing Coordinator, Media Associates. Married seventeen years to his lovely wife Lisa, with children, and many cats, he's still sane. Mark has no hobbies other than words, and lives with his family deep in the sticks of Iowa.

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