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The Fourth Dimension, in the year 5631


by Deep Bora

Part 1 appeared in issue 72.
Part 2 appeared in issue 73.

“The comprehensive surface level soils of Uranus may be inundated hundreds of feet below a new sea level!” The oceanographer concluded.

“Such rainfall shall be primarily fed by the North Pole region of Uranus.” The meteorologist’s voice sounded as though it were emanating from a far-away distance to the crew members.

“You just commented that this planet was termed as risk-free from oceanic disasters. After all, moisture is made available from oceans and condensed at higher levels to form rain-bearing clouds!” The scientist controlling manual functions of ship interplanetary computerized telescope-radar voiced his doubts.

“It is and was. The total land surface area of Uranus was — once upon a time, billions of years ago into unmeasured time — submerged thousands of feet below ravaging sea waters. We now occupy a point upon Uranus’s land surface, which is perhaps the deepest point counted from a pre-existent sea level. That is exactly what our protonic datings reveal. An exact point indicating that very deepest point would more likely be the steel plate secured docking area, upon which the interplanetary rocket ship is secured now.”

“Now this portion rests almost at par with ordinary sea level soils of Uranus?”

“Exactly so.”

After what seemed to be eternity within few fleeting seconds, the meteorologist started on another note. “However, that again is not the matter under consideration.”

“You see, we shall publish the Uranus geographic-historical notes applicable to these patterns for our present- and future-generation fellow humans. Nothing shall be omitted; no single piece of evidence shall be tampered with. This again, is another matter.”

The flight commander stood up yet again from his personal curve backed steel-chrome chair individually shaped to his every muscle and nerve pattern. Computers activating mechanical functions of the robotic chair eased in further relaxation and massage-like neutronic activity constantly relayed via his primary DMNA cell patterns embedded into computer data banks. Such a process ensured that he remained a sum total of a relaxed personality at any time as required, and this process now became a much needed respite upon Uranus, particularly now.

This second and primary key signature of mankind was discovered by the late 26th Earth century humans, confirming the dual DMNA patterns of mankind!

“We were discussing the parallel zone upon Uranus...”

“Yes, undoubtedly our radio-light computer telescopes and computer telescope radars located upon Earth stations have been scanning both poles of Uranus for countless centuries now. Even during preliminary manned flight halts, outer space personnel were sent out into these coordinates to try and locate Zone Parallel, but to no avail.

“Additionally, we earlier obtained total sets of photographs and images of the mountain range now classified as ‘Zone Parallel’. It so happened that all manual searches of this particular mountain range also resulted in manual-activity photographs to be taken, roughly up to a height of 35,000 feet only. Beyond that, one was forced to see an end to mountain heights and the subsequent formation of dense clouds.

“It also led to certain other inexplicable happenings, you see... Readings from unmanned robotic flights displayed clear evidence indicating existence of further heights to this mountain range: the tallest mountain practically towering at nearly 60 thousand feet. One could easily distinguish the actual height of this same mountain whilst watching it via computer telescope radars from Earth or any of the planets: Zone Parallel was clearly etched within neat formation in reality.”

The meteorologist advanced. “Interplanetary-related geographical matters were therefore accorded utmost necessity, that we negate several factors and bring in other probables related to Zone Parallel.

“One, we diagnosed perfect interstellar-derived patterns indicating existence of a very high mountain, perhaps towering to a height of 60,000 thousand feet and nearly half of which was hidden to human view, for it remained encompassed by a near-permanent cloud pattern. This particular mountain formed part of a range in closer proximity to the North pole region of Uranus.

“Our diagnosis was a result of deep space probes studying Uranus from hyperspace. Radio-light computer telescopes and primary application of televised computer protonic-radars assisted this study pattern. To substantiate our practical theory we have at hand clearer pictures, images and close photographs of Uranus’s highest mountain. This is particularly applicable for a height between 35,000 ft. and 60,000 ft. approximately.

“Two, our unmanned flights also provide dual and parallel statistics providing total proof of the existence of such a mountain within those mountain ranges classified ‘Zone Parallel’.

“Three, very conversely yet practically however, our manned incursions into observing this mountain range reveal no further proof of the mountain existing beyond 35,000 feet at those given coordinates of Uranus. It is as if the upper portion of this mountain does not exist above 35,000 feet when viewed from Uranus soils or from its atmosphere. Similarly, our human expeditions cannot climb above the thirty-five thousand foot barrier, for the cloud formation is too dense, the cold is excruciating and there is no land structure geographically or practically available beyond those limits. Where will our people climb? Our personnel report non-existence of land mass above thirty-five thousand feet. Their computer telescope radars provide negligible data in accordance with the same. They simply report inability to climb yet further after reaching the thirty-five thousand barrier.

“Again, the upper reaches of this mountain — above thirty-five thousand feet — are clearly visible from different planets, from outer space and even deep space. This just about indicates that the mountain practically exists at higher than thirty-five thousand foot levels.

The peculiarity of this factor, which we can neither negate nor accept is: factors point to readings explaining that this particular mountain does not exist above a certain height. Other mountains existing within Zone Parallel also do not cross the thirty-five thousand foot barrier.”

* * *

“Is that why Earth Command classified this range as Zone Parallel?” The question emanating from the lips of the oceanographer half an hour later seemed to be the sum total of their efforts at beginning some sort of a rational conversation.

“Yes.” A deliberate answer.

The flight commander waited for excitement to elapse, partially because the interplanetary oceanographer was by now out of the daze he experienced from manual observation of actual mountain heights above thirty-five thousand feet. The mobile computer telescope radar he instantly activated upon confirmation of actual land area sent out photographs to Earth- Forward Space Research laboratory initially. Then, upon confirmation from its personnel — highly sophisticated computers observing undefined locations within the Solar System installed inside Advanced Labs and upon inhabited planets — began to receive detailed pictures and images of a mountain once believed to be stranger than fact. For a brief spell in time in the year 5631 space history, deep-space probes and transmitters at millions of points across the Solar System started to buzz simultaneously with unknown activity!

The flight commander maintained acute care while escorting the oceanographer back to the interplanetary rocket ship. He deliberately avoided all surface potholes during the return to zero-gravity drive and directly assisted him in relaxing within the comfortable confines of the physician’s chamber.

“What did you actually see?”

“Sir, the three-dimensional image in the hand-held 3-D recorder clearly etched the sharp outlines of a very tall mountain upwards of thirty-thousand feet and within the dense cloud formation. I immediately activated an image-hold procedure, thereby transferring every piece of evidence back to Earth- Forward Space Research Labs. I believe Saturn stations do not presently acquire available data directly from Uranus.” The oceanographer spoke in guarded tones.

“You are correct in theorizing. Saturn experiences transitional phases at the present time, a correlative progression in space compared to a retrograde status. We may perhaps experience a total retrograde Saturn by the time we return to Earth!” The meteorologist explained. “I had immediately programmed our interceptor computer telescope radars to copy all signal electrodes, and I have in my possession an exact duplicate of your image recorder.”

“You are now in league with those humans ranked as first discoverers. You are the first to sight the exact “Zone Parallel.”!

* * *

Within the actual few seconds that passed like unaccounted fleeting hours to the crew members, Earth Command swiftly issued verbal directives to the Uranus Crew assuming total and unquestionable responsibility of their lives and actions.

“You happen to be stationed at the outermost limits of our Solar System, upon Uranus. Your actions are individually a primary responsibility of Earth Command. The flight commander has expressed concern and duly shares his responsibility with us, and we advise you to report to him without doubt. Rest assured, your lives and actions are now our shared responsibility upon Earth.

“We wish you every success in pursuit of Project Uranus!”

* * *

“This draws a parallel to certain other coordinates upon Earth too. One such place exists even today and of course, another strategic location was never discovered.” One voice.

“Do you refer to the Bermuda Triangle?” Another interplanetary scientist spoke.

“Yes, he surely does!” The third colleague.

“Would you by any chance be drawing conclusions to the Lost City of Atlantis?” Their fourth friend from Pluto Advanced space research laboratory.

“Well, such a city of sorts did primarily exist upon Earth during those bygone days marking stellar travel and when Moon colonies...” The fifth interstellar personnel ventured in a reply.

“Can we make the decision to venture outside safely now?”

“Earth Command has delegated total authority to the flight commander and partly to us also.”

“We can therefore make our own decisions to venture out on our own predetermined sets of safe parameters to rediscover Zone Parallel. Of course, the flight commander makes those decisions. And he need not check back with Earth Stations any further. The unusual has happened!”

“Computer radar telescope scanners now report and indicate an increased activity upon the higher reaches of Zone Parallel.”

“Have we been redirected?”

“Are we upon Pluto?”

“Flight Commander, sir!”

Earth Command busied itself in persistently sorting out every bit of word and sentence now captured by hyperspace scanner computer files recorded into Earth Forward Space Research trans-space receivers. They did not doubt the flight commander and his tremendous capacity favoring interstellar voyages, even for a moment. Earlier, prior to lift-off from Earth stations and in comparison to a scheduled flight to Uranus, they promised him a few unchartered deep space flights, favoring a Holiday Uranus status.

Excerpts from the flight commander’s interplanetary verbal message transmitted directly to members of Earth Command via hyperspace robotic computer jambler codes at N-times the speed of sound.

“I have by progression of calculated mistakes reached hitherto unknown, hidden coordinates. Though very much relevant and existent within our universe, this phenomenon is commonly termed the ‘Fourth Dimension’.”

“All mechanical clocks and watches have suddenly registered ‘non activity’ and have reverted back to the beginning of unscheduled Time as diagnosed during the late thirtieth century of Earth Time: to one o’clock a.m. of Standard Universal Time. I am acutely aware of the fact that one clock, or ‘time watch’, may be subject to malfunction or failure. However, such an occurrence does not encompass the functioning of all such timepieces both on my person and inside the space-walk module-zero gravity car.

“This situation occurred immediately after I stepped upon or rather crossed into the thirty-six thousand foot geographical land-time barrier, and by the time I reached the mountain top at sixty thousand feet, there was no further evidence suggesting the formation of freak or encompassing clouds.

“However, I instantly realized that I was walking into a parallel sort of land structure more or less similar to Pluto Heights at sixty-five thousand feet, while at the same time I realized I was simultaneously entering the Fourth Dimension.

“A total and complete non-existence of all formal limits with reference to time is how I personally understand and perceive the Fourth Dimension in its correct perspective. This is a dimension where one may never be bound by the dictates and limitations of time, and as such time becomes endless, as there is no conclusive evidence relating to existence of time.

“Theoretically speaking and in human terminology, one may live forever here in this dimension! Practically speaking, however, I was never sucked into the whirlpool of cosmic forces at work here upon Zone Parallel, perhaps emanating from the thirty-sixth thousand foot height of this particular mountain of Uranus. I simply walked into this unseen and unfelt vortex of cosmic forces knowingly, and in a conscious state. The Fourth Dimension simply exists here. This forms part of my verbal statement to you at the Earth Command.

“My personal justification of such factors is propelled by the very fact that even auto-correct procedures governing every protonic-battery backed clock do not register with the correct functioning of the clocks and watches. Every such equipment registers to one a.m. interstellar and interplanetary standard time derived as the beginning of the time factor in our three-dimensional world.

“Presuming that... even if I were accelerated forward into time zones and may have reached some other undefined place somewhere else in the universe, the proton-base batteries would — needless to state herein — immediately cease to function, reactivating the micron batteries for continuation. Later on, however, upon steady performance of time and velocity factors, the proton-backed batteries would continue regular function, for these were surely designed for accelerated functions primarily. We have adequate proof of this during suspended animation flights. Since no such alternative function ever occurred during the entire three-dimensional time-duration of my stay here upon Zone Parallel in the Fourth Dimension, I propose my notes to you for evaluation. I also herald the beginning of the much sought-after Fourth Dimension.

“All my sincere efforts at repairing time clocks have resulted in no positive results. Time clocks simply do not function here.”

“At the end of this present combined Uranus-Pluto day at 60,000 thousand feet approximately, I shall forthwith retrace my steps and step back upon actual Uranus ground, crossing over into the reality which I know and have earlier experienced during my lifetime. This form of three dimensional reality is freely available commencing at thirty-six or thirty five thousand feet and below. I shall therefore leave... vacate the fourth dimension and re-enter the third dimension, our own, and humanly accepted conception of time and space, wherein I hope to find my individual relation to Time...”

* * *

Earth Command was totally silent of its appreciation in relative Earthly matters. The members felt as if they were transformed into one entity with an online commentary emanating from the fourth dimension whilst occupying a sober presence within the third dimension.

As zero gravity procedures activated forward boost of the interplanetary rocket ship’s initial journey out from Uranus’s atmosphere, the dozen space personnel started to relax back into their individual chairs in chamber one- the forward control cabin.

Much prior to that, a five-minute activity inside compression chamber immediately after a decompression sequence had them up and about in the usual cheerful moods.

“We may therefore assume that once in a very long while — in relation to time factors which we are accustomed to and are aware of — the higher approaches of “Zone Parallel” seem to open out to manual approaches of Mankind’s probes. However, time factors are not relevant therein by any concept whatsoever. We were witness to such a “Time Zone’ where time does not exist and where one may live forever, for one is not bound by the limitations of time: rather, our flight commander has evidently experienced unclassified states pertaining to the ‘Fourth Dimension’. As per his statement to Earth Command, interstellar flights in the Fourth Dimension do not require all the precautions which we normally apply during such flights in our three dimensional time zone, for there are very many existent anti-laws of nature at work there... And thousands of other laws, factors!”

The oceanographer spoke in deliberate tones. “Conversely calculating, the higher reaches of Zone Parallel are perfectly visible to our manned and unmanned probes at any given time, though from outer view-angles in interplanetary space fields.”

The interstellar lady librarian-scientist spoke up in a rejoinder, in sweeter than sugary tones. “We may also conclude that it is possible an altered climate exists upon Zone Parallel, particularly at its upper heights and these climatic reactions possibly bear striking resemblance and similarity to those upon Pluto Heights at 65,000 feet. It is not easy to digest the fact that two identical sets of climatic conditions exist upon two diverse yet near-placed planets and at almost equal heights. It is equally difficult to comprehend the fact that both these places exist in two different dimensions. One is in the third dimension whereas the other land region exists within reaches of the ‘Fourth Dimension’. We also have greater reservations in stating several other matters in relation to time, which bear no close resemblance to a different dimension, I mean, the third dimension.

“We were always considerate to our three-dimensional world as an only means and method of existence. Our Flight Commander now provides access to the “Fourth Dimension.” She glanced at his wristwatch in a single sweep of eyelashes, comparing the time displayed with the forward chamber time clock. Its proton batteries ensured that this timepiece would tick away with accuracy, till eternity. Assuredly, both the time definitions surely existed in the third dimension and were meticulously equal.

The meteorologist added a conclusion to her unsaid sentence. “Perhaps there exist ways and means in the Fourth Dimension to effectively negate a cloudburst-like situation upon Uranus. If that is true, we may therefore include the end planet — the fifteenth in our Solar System — within inhabited, chartered maps of this portion of our galaxy!”

Central computer data banks’ activating the interplanetary rocket ship’s hyperspeed-accelerated flight for Pluto and Jupiter stations auto-disengaged ship zero-gravity procedures. The space vehicle lifted itself away and out from the immense gravitational pull and outer atmosphere of Uranus, entering into outer-space star fields of the cosmos.

Copyright © 2003 by Deep Bora

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