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Here it is, past midnight, and I'm tired. I just wrote a long loving article about Terry Pratchett with lots of details, and when I went to save it, lost it all. Along with my mind. I love computers, but sometimes I hate them too.

Of course, if I were smart, I'd go into the Preferences section of this program I'm using to access the webpages I write, and change the "Timeout" function to a longer period than "60 minutes". Oh. I just did that. Now. Computers. Wowee.

I was going to write a little polemic about tromping all over people's feelings and beliefs, but I won't except to mention a "blog" (ugly word) by a young lady in Baghdad who goes by the name of Riverbend who tells the tale of the US Military with their bomb-sniffing dogs forcing devout Muslim ladies to open their purses and letting the (ritually unclean) dogs sniff the Qurans, and setting off a riot. Who is right, here? I understand the fear of the military "stranger in a strange land" because there are bombs, and the possibility is there. But what of the Muslims whose guts clench at the thought of a dog coming into contact with their holiest of books?

That too, fits the title heading. Arrrgh.

by Jerry Wright

Jerry. The Bottle Washer