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Our readers write...

by John Thiel

John responds to issue 74 (this and another link are provided for reference). We’re always glad to get feedback. John raises some interesting and, probably, controversial talking points, as well. Thanks, John T.!

Friday 8 Dec 2000

My dear staff:

Is it the best issue you’ve done yet? I think it is. The serials were both very spaced, the short stories highly readable and of flat level magazine quality (even anthologizable), and Siratori’s special feature was outstanding and the type of work that keeps your magazine really rolling.

Jerry’s editorial is a very righteous one; I’ve noticed that when the poverty level gets out of poverty status at all, they are immediately taxed, and until then all they get from the government is a sack of groceries a week distributed out of a church. The tax program shows greed on the part of the government, and not much charity.


John Thiel

Copyright © 2003 by John Thiel

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