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A New Year

by Jerry Wright

Well, yes it is, and as we stumble into 2004, at least we can be happy it isn't 2003. And since it is the new year, Steve Shrewsbury and Dave Kuzminski remind us that it is time for the yearly Preditors and Editors Poll of the best magazines, novels, and writings of last year.

Of course, we always are on the lookout for glory, but you can (and will) cast your votes for whomever you please. I personally voted for Thomas Lee Joseph Smith's "White Kangaroo" and Kate Bachus' "Twenty Views of Tanforan".

And, as we fribble off into the darkness (-12 degrees right now...) we wish you all a "joyous new year". Or something similar. So, until next time...

Take care and as always, please write!

Copyright © 2003 by Jerry Wright for Bewildering Stories