Bewildering Stories

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Traversing a Black Hole

John Thiel

Manta Ray
Set to play
Went walking down the Milky Way.
What's he after
This Spacecrafter?
In time and space it does not matter.

If you asked him where he'd been
He'd return and talk again.
If you asked him where he'd go
He'd return and tell you so:

"I've been through a wormhole's track---
I'll tell you more when I get back.
And here's my crew, friend after friend.
When we get back, we'll go again."

"Faster, faster,

"Let me be, we're going past 'er.
Going faster
Courts disaster--
Speed takes you, you aren't its master."

"Speak no more, you face my blaster!"

"What you are's an energy waster.
Your kind should be put out to pasture."

"Check the viewscreen! Space seems vaster!"

The crew begins to roister-doister
And the control room's like a toaster.
If you'd learn more, just ask the poster.
The ship returns, and it's ghoster.
They've come back from No Such Space
Expecting to rejoin our race!

For more adventures, don't ask me.
They might re-enter on TV.
Theme by the Fred Waring band,
With Internet to lend a hand.

Folks, don't visit a Black Hole---
It's nothing down and goal to go.

Copyright 2002 by John Thiel.