Bewildering Stories

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Black Rain

Thomas R.

When the black rain falls
All is transformed
Trees hum songs
Reptiles form symphonies
Birds sing opera
Frogs play jazz
While the rodents start death metal bands
The smell of the rain mixes with various things
Perfumes turn vile
Sewage gives the scent of lilac
Cut grass smells like peppermint
With melted trees giving off the most heavenly scent
Some feel an elation like never before
Others an uneasiness hard to explain
Personalities themselves are altered
Polite people turn obnoxious
Violent people weep
The timid become promiscuous
Those devoted to learning become suicidal
While the ignorant become homicidal
Gladly though it goes away
Normalcy returns
Apologies abound amongst all
Pardons too
The only fears is what strange new children were conceived
And what havoc they will reek
When the next Black Rain falls

Copyright 2002 by Thomas R.