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Janis Ian

Compiled from her newsletter by permission

I have three short stories being published next year, and their combined fees are just about enough to pay a month's mortgage. Honestly, I have no idea what I'm doing writing stories, but I'm having a ball learning another craft. I'm working on an anthology of science fiction by authors I admire, who are writing stories based on my songs, and I won't make a dime when they go into reprint.

The writer list for the anthology Mike Resnick and I are putting together, to be published by DAW BOOKS sometime next year, is finally complete. Here's the complete list of authors. Believe it or not, Nancy Kress has already turned in her story, a wonderful piece where "Jesse" is a brain virus that makes the whole world seem beautiful. I'm not going to give it away this soon, but if you've read The Lotus Eaters, you'll see the reference points.

It's been huge fun putting it together, because half these folks are people I haven't even met, only enjoyed reading. And the authors seem to be enjoying themselves, too; for instance, John Varley suggested I get in touch with Spider Robinson, and gave me his email address. Spider then suggested I get in touch with David Gerrold, and gave me his email address. It's great because they'd both been on my list, but I couldn't find an email for either of them.

Here's the list (forgive me, I'm very proud of it!): Stephen Baxter, Terry Bisson, Orson Scott Card, Diane Duane, David Gerrold, Joe Haldeman , Nancy Kress, Mercedes Lackey, Tanith Lee, Sharon Lee & Steve Miller, Vonda McIntyre, Spider Robinson, Rob Sawyer, Robert Sheckley, Michael Swanwick, Harry Turtledove, John Varley, Howard Waldrop, Jane Yolen.

Copyright 2002 by Janis Ian.