Bewildering Stories

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Thomas R.

One day all was gone
Strangely gentle did it come
Like ice melting in spring
Only you and I remained
For no purpose or reason
Nevertheless did we remain
And tried to carry on
Finding joy in simple things
In food
In talk
In walks among the ruins of Torshavn
Yet most of all in games
One day we raced up hills to fly kites
Watched them ascend in skies more magnificent then ever known
Tell a joy we thought dead came
So to did a new joy hard to comprehend
And thus the worst was behind us
Futures became more than pasts
Life began anew
With days of humble simplicity
And nights of grand intensity
Where the stars seemed within our grasp
Yet what I'll most remember is the kites
And a warm summer day
When the end itself
Melted like ice

Copyright 2002 by Thomas R.