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Octolinear 2002

And again... More letters...

From Kevin Donihe:

Noticed the new issue was up. Too bad it isn't as long as the last issue and that it doesn't feature a 1,000,000 word novel. (My favorite part in "The Ergonomics of Random Creations" was when the robot blasts the weirdness of the stupid planet as the smiling expanse becomes black with the duck. -- That's classic sci-fi.)
Bit of author/editor chit-chat removed.
Well, that's all for now. Must sleep . . .

Until next time,


Thank YOU Kevin. Your appearances are always welcome. And thanks for the insightful comments in re: the inimitable Kali Ferngrove. She is one of a kind. Because of patent and copyright issues.

--ye kindly triumvirate

Dear Editor of Bewildering Stories
I came across your site via the MST3K site at, and I understand.
I get it.

Care to trade links?

- Aaron Blaylock Hendren

I'm glad you understand, because frankly, we're all bewildered!

--Ye Kindly, mindless editorial triumvirate

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