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by Kevin Ahearn

Kevin shares with us another letter he wrote to Science Fiction Weekly. It continues in a way the “Discussion” in issue 81.

Great science fiction becomes so by communicating a new cosmic truth to the masses, not just the sci-fi crowd. To characterize sci-fi fans as a niche above or removed from the rest of the entertainment market is to believe that the genre can only be competently enjoyed by those rare science-fiction aficionados who feel they alone truly understand and appreciate it. Such is bunk.

All memorable fiction, whether it be war, mystery, romance, comedy or adventure, captures the imagination or the heartstrings or the conscience in one way or another, at one time or another, of a wide audience. Does the ignorance of the many outweigh the intellect of the few? Too often it does, and the result is mindless piffle. Science fiction is no exception and never will be.

Copyright © 2004 by Kevin Ahearn

For an example of what I think Kevin is talking about, one might well cite Terry Pratchett, whose comedy is always deadly serious, e.g. Monstrous Regiment.

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