Bewildering Stories

Late For The Sky

by Jerry Wright

There is a line in the song "Late For The Sky" by the great balladeer and poet Jackson Browne that goes:
Although the future's there
For anyone to change
Still you know it seems
It would be easier somehow
To change the past.

Whoa... Heavy. And to think that what I wanted to talk about was the difficulty of changing over to frameless html pages from the heavily and necessarily framed pages of the present.

One of the concerns that Don and I have is that we need to change over to frameless pages for ease of bookmarking and search engine accessibility, but we have thousands of pages that are set up in the old framed fashion. Thank goodness there is a scripting language called PHP which may make this possible. We're working on it. And, by the way, if any of you gentle readers out there are conversant with PHP, MySQL, and webstuff, we are more than happy to listen to what you say.

We can't go back, but we can go forward, and Don has spent a lot of time optimizing the pages, and making them user-friendly and eye-friendly. And me, just call me senior web-lackey and bottle-washer.

Please send us your ideas!

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