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Negative Possibilities


Author's Note

Your guidelines said that you don't accept stories of negative length, but I'm hoping you'll show some flexibility with this contribution of mine. It's called "Negative Possibilities", and is a collection of antiwords -- the words I removed between versions 13 and 14 of my story "Possibilities". As such, some may consider them negative words. I hope this is not a problem for you. This collection of words seems quite bewildering to me, so I hope that it will find a place in your magazine.

I know it's nowhere near as good as the usual stuff in your magazine (I'm serious, it's pretty good), but hey, it's bewildering. I'm looking forward to your response,


My final thought will be of it, I'm sure.

getting hit by my own hands

She was young -- about half my fifty years, I guessed, perhaps a year or two younger than my wife.

Was this the start of my 'second childhood', an infirmity of mind?


sound of women's shoes tapping on the floor

I hope she's not a member of the leech core, commonly known as "the press," who somehow managed to find out that I'm on my death bed. I tried to make sure I'd die privately, that nobody except for Ray and the doctors would know. It's a good thing I don't have any close friends who would worry about my disappearance. My ex-wives would be disappointed when they find out that I left all my money to a fund for encouraging promising young writers -- if they'd even care enough to note that I'm dead.

I didn't like you much, but I was intrigued.

It was difficult for me to see your other possibility.

many before I found out

Once I did that,

She snaps out of her

try to hold on. She feels the touch, and stops.

grips with

drove the scene -- he

It took me a moment to realize.

never met there you must be


You won't believe what it was about.

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