Bewildering Stories

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The Runt Spider and the Evil Gosling

Ophelia H.K. Singer

Spike was a runt spider who liked to wander around in the woods. He liked nature very much.

One day, Spike went out to the woods as normal. At the woods, he found a litter of pigs and a set of goslings.

Spike greeted the goslings with some salutations, but the goslings were gluttons, so they didn't have time to answer. They also sort of detested and loathed him. Then they vanished into their lair.

Spike went home in bewilderment. He slept dreaming of a miraculous aeronaut made out of hominy.

The next day, Spike went to the woods again. The goslings were nowhere to be found.

Suddenly, he found out that his spinnerets had fallen off, leaving a trail of silk. At the end of the silk was a gosling putting the silk on fire!

I'm a burnt spider, he thought.

"Yahoo! Oooh! Oooh!" he screamed.

Spike dipped his behind in a puddle of water.


Then Spike chased the evil gosling into a farm, locked it up, and started thrashing it.

He had a good time the next few days.

Copyright 2002 by Ophelia H.K. Singer.