Donna’s Men

by Michael E. Lloyd

chapter synopses

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Book I: Windmills Everywhere
Book II: Never So Good
Book III: At Home With Robert

Book I: Windmills Everywhere
  1. Over the Edge — A well-intentioned but unhappily titled birthday gift flips the vulnerable Donna Burgess into a crisis of identity, which soon escalates into a dangerous cocktail of hallucinations, delusions and a solo quixotic crusade.

  2. Friend At Hand — Donna encounters the charming Shaun and is deeply relieved to find she now has a sympathetic ally. Dismissing every warning sign, she shares her most painful secrets with him and takes his cue for her next foray.

  3. Dreaming the Blues — Donna is drawn to the spirit-soaked spires of Oxford in her search for those who are corrupting the world before her very eyes. And then her new comrade Shaun leads her on to Cambridge...

  4. Channel Tunnel Vision — Donna resolves to pursue her evil taunters to Paris, and sadly without Shaun. But when things over there go from bad to worse, she calls out his name and he comes running.

  5. Dazing Ape Harry — Shaun and Donna hit the streets and parks of Paris in search of new architectural misdemeanors. And while they’re at it, Donna is desperate to absorb the aftertones of the city’s great departed spirits.

  6. Outsider Soup — Sleepy Donna’s drawn-out exposure to the artistic spirits of Paris has primed her for an extraordinary experience.

  7. Down, Downer, Downest — Donna is rudely awakened from her dream to hear Shaun's awful news about the rogues they have been trying to unmask. It's time for her to make ever greater sacrifices.

  8. Prickly Landings — Shaun finally makes his promised phone call, and Donna slowly and reluctantly absorbs the truth of what has been happening to her. And the big question is: What now?

Book II: Never So Good
    Prologue — Twelve-year old Peter Kerr recalls an astounding reunion back on his fourth birthday.
  1. 1955 — With his sister Jane’s constant guidance, the four-year old Peter begins work on their joint diary.

  2. 1956 — Peter’s diary continues to reflect his improving insights into his still-small world.

  3. 1957 — Five-year old Peter is learning fast. Jane, of course, is still learning a lot faster. And another tragedy awaits them.

  4. 1958 — Jane and Peter are both feeling rather frustrated with their very different situations. But that’s all about to change.

  5. 1959 — Jane is very happy with her new life on the east coast, but Peter’s ability to cope with the real world is still not improving.

  6. 1960 — Now coming on nine, Peter is trying very hard to find some sort of balance in his life. But the punchballs keep jumping up and knocking him down again.

  7. 1961 — Peter is still really frustrated by the confines of his little world but very excited about everything he and Jane can see happening outside it.

  8. 1962 — Things seem to be looking up for Peter at last. But there’s always something round the corner.

  9. 1963 — Peter still has lots to complain about, in between his moments of mild pre-teen ecstasy. And his big brother Robert has been stepping out.

  10. Tomorrow’s World — Jane is in a surprising hurry to give Peter some stunning insights into what's now round the corner for him and everybody else. And then...

Book III: At Home With Robert
  1. Ups and Downs and In-Betweens — The year is 2019, and the elderly Robert Kerr has a little tale to tell. He has invited Mrs Donna Wilkins to transcribe it for him. It begins at the close of the nineteenth century.

  2. Salad Days — Donna has learnt of Jane Kerr’s untimely death, and is reading Peter’s diary in parallel with documenting Robert’s version of their childhood days.

  3. Chilly Mornings, Hot Afternoons — Robert’s story leads Donna beyond the conclusion of young Peter’s diary, with the bitter-sweet account of his own “first time” ... with a young lady by the name of Catherine.

  4. Brain and Brawn — Robert gets stuck in to a solid, honest trade, with good friends to match. But without Jane’s firm steadying hand, Peter begins to realise his vision of a very different way of life.

  5. Summer Nights — Playboy Peter is persuaded to return to England for a very special event. And special events often come in threes. Poor Donna gets very confused.

  6. A Life of Ease — Robert’s modest business is gently booming while globetrotting Peter gets rich, returning home only when unavoidable. Robert has big decisions to make in the years that follow, but Donna is also keen to understand Peter’s life choices.

  7. Springing Leaks — Robert’s still doing his best to spell things out to Donna, but he may not have chosen the ideal tactics. She’s in for quite a shock or three ...

  8. Which Way? Which Way? — Donna has finally learned the truth about who she really is. But she’d decided long ago that she didn’t really care to know. And it’s all so much more complicated now.