Bewildering Stories

Duodecapylatomate 2002

Issue #12



The Random Economics of Creativity by Kali Ferngrove

Short Stories

Identity by The Invincible Spud
The Radiance Ephemeral by C.C. Cheez
Zorvlog Is Stupid by Eckerd Nemo
The Story Never Written by The Invincible Spud
Shadows by Eric S. Brown
Sunrise by Ergon Blockhead
The High Fructose Corn Syrup Conspiracy by Eckerd Nemo

First Appearance Department

Mercy-Jacking by Susanne Bridenbaugh
I See Shadows by Ed Clayton
The Aliens Don't Exist by Frogz Balonium


The Silent World by The Invincible Spud
Death's-head by Gary West
Rat Star by Thomas R.
Hell Is the Abundance of Shod by Thomas R.


Today, we are inarticulate...


Reviewers Wanted -- Inquire Within


Editorial by Jerry Wright
Duodecapylatomate 2002 Letters

* -- Note: Duodecapylatomate was the extremely powerful explosive created by "Doc" Smith in his Lensman universe...

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