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A Nice Word About The Other World

In the latest issue of John Thiel’s Surprising Stories, Elmwood Kramer says:

Cyrano de Bergerac’s The Other World is available now at, excellently translated by Don Webb. The complete novel will be found there, beginning in their annals and moving up through their contents page. One can do well in perusing this novel, among the earliest of science-fiction stories, refreshingly kaleidoscopic in its topical matter and variegated in its viewpoints. (Source)

I’m not sure what Mr. Kramer means by “beginning in their annals and moving up through their contents page.” As I’m sure our readers know, The Other World is easily found in Special Features. But that’s a detail. Bewildering readers know John Thiel as an old friend: he’s been one of our contributors and is a regular on the Asimov’s forum. His Surprising Stories is an esteemed colleague among science fiction e-zines. Be sure to pay it a visit; you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the site’s playful flair for color and artwork. You can click here for a sample.

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