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Bewildering Stories

Cyrano de Bergerac, The Other World

The Societies and Governments of the Moon

Translation and notes by Donald Webb


Episodes and Titles
  1. Have Cardano’s visitors left an invitation?
  2. Cyrano’s First Flight
  3. The World Does So Turn
  4. What is a Burglar in Infinity?
  5. Transforming a Stove Lid
  6. 5... 4... 3... Blast off! ...2... 1...
  7. An Apple a Day...
  8. Parachuting Into Paradise
  9. One Small Step for a Woman...
  10. The Bootstrap Has Landed
  11. Have you heard the one about...?
  12. Swords, Apples, Herbs and Fruit
  13. The Devil Made Him Hungry?
  14. A Monkey and a Grey Eminence
  15. A Secret Agent in a Radical Cause
  16. Do You Perceive What I Perceive?
  17. I Hear You. Can You See Me?
  18. “Alouette, je te plumerai”
  19. Brother, Can You Spare an Eclogue?
  20. That Monkey is a Spanish Physicist
  1. Nothing: the Ultimate Softener
  2. Gimme That Old-Time Combustion
  3. It’s a Bird. It’s a Beast. It’s an Ostrich?
  4. Lest We Grow Too Fond of It
  5. A Fool for a Client
  6. A Little Existential Anguish Before Dinner?
  7. Birds and Bees; Mushrooms and Crocodiles
  8. Go to the Cabbage, and Be Wise
  9. Is There a Doctor in the House?
  10. All Aboard! Dive, Dive!
  11. Place Your Bets!
  12. Why You Are, How You See
  13. Molecules and Lightbulbs
  14. Talking Books and Dying
  15. Dinnertime, on the Nose!
  16. He Who Eats Last, Eats Best
  17. All This and a Body, Too?
  18. You Are Whom You Eat
  19. The Other World
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