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General E-Mail
Preferred file formats
Reviews and Excerpts

General E-Mail

We welcome submissions. To expedite consideration, please e-mail them to the appropriate editors. Please include the title in the e-mail subject line. Hiding submission titles behind generic subject lines is liable to cause the submission to be lost.

We sometimes receive blank e-mails that contain only an attachment. Please don’t do that! E-mail that does not state a purpose will be considered spam.

Please supply the proper header in each submission. Submissions without a title will be rejected outright. If the submission has no byline, the author is either unknown or wishes to remain anonymous. BwS will invent a pen name, if necessary.

The names and titles in blue and boldface are “mailto” links.

Simultaneous Submissions

Submissions sent to more than one publication at the same time are special cases. They should be directed to the Managing Editor. Please see the explanation here.

ESL and

Manuscripts in English as a Second Language or translations from languages other than English should go to the Managing Editor.

Flash Fiction
and Drama

Charles C. Cole (Flash Fiction and Drama Editor) — “Flash fiction” is prose between 500 and 1,000 words in length. “Drama” is anything formatted for theatre or film.


John Stocks (Poetry Editor) — “Poetry” is anything in verse, or prose poetry, or lyrical essays.

Longer Prose

Fiction and non-fiction other than poetry and flash fiction should be sent to the Managing Editor.

Some older browsers may not understand the mailto links. If you have trouble with any of them, please follow the instructions under “Mailto Link” at the bottom of this page. If, for some odd reason, your e-mail returns a bounce notice, try one of the other editors.

Please do not use the addresses or; they are defunct. Even if your message doesn’t bounce back to you as undeliverable, it will be lost.

We enjoy hearing from our readers and appreciate your helping us make our webzine even better.

If you send us a letter of general interest, we may want to publish it. We’ll send you a message saying we’d like to include it in our Letters department unless you say otherwise. Of course we’ll edit out any routine personal or editorial matters.

We will not publish or otherwise divulge your e-mail address, postal address or telephone number unless you explicitly ask us to. See also “Forwardings,” below.

Exception: Submissions often contain the author’s complete coordinates. That’s perfectly okay, but the Managing Editor will remove them from the file only in the final editing process. In the meantime, the file may circulate to three or more editors. Only the Managing Editor, the special editors, and the Coordinating Editors — who are listed on our Info page — are authorized to correspond with contributors.

Acknowledgements and replies

We try to acknowledge all submissions. If you don’t receive an acknowledgement within three days, please inquire. If you don’t receive a reply to the query within three days, please contact one of the other editors; there may be an emergency.

Certain e-mail services may block e-mail from entire domains as a defense against spam. The mail may not even bounce; it may simply be deleted. We have been unable to reply to some contributors because their own or their providers’ spam filters apparently prevented them from receiving even legitimate e-mail.


Bewildering Stories has the simplest submissions guideline on the Internet: “Please send us something, we’ll be glad to consider it. If we have questions, we’ll ask.”

Our Submissions page has important information in the header section. Otherwise it serves as a reference work. We frequently link to various parts of it in correspondence, as a time-saver. The Review Readers’ Checklist summarizes succinctly and offers solutions to the 12 problems most frequently encoutered in submissions.


We try to give all submissions at least two readings. In the process, manuscripts may circulate between as many as four editors. Every submission needs a title and byline; otherwise, we may lose track of who wrote what. For example:

File Formats

Please send texts in the format easiest for you. If we have trouble opening a file, we’ll let you know.

Please do not use:


Yes No
Plain text in e-mail
Macintosh — in RTF
Word.doc or .docx
RTF in most word processors
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Compressed files
Download links
Open Office
WordPerfect RTF

However, if you’ve sent a submission without having seen these guidelines, please don’t worry about it; we’ll be glad to hear from you, and we can talk about any transmission problems.

Reviews and Excerpts

Please see our Submissions page at Reviews and Interviews.

We will probably accept reviews from veteran contributors to Bewildering Stories. The authors may review anything they wish except their own works.

We offer a special opportunity to our veteran contributors: excerpts. They are free advertising for works in print. Complete information is available on our Submissions page and under the related links.


The Managing Editor will forward mail on request, within limits. A request to forward any message also constitutes a request to include the sender’s e-mail address.

We often receive “fan mail” or other requests to contact our authors. We forward the mail to the author’s last recorded address and encourage the author to reply directly to the sender. If the forwarding bounces, we’ll let you know.

A request to forward a message must say for whom the message is intended, otherwise it may be disregarded. Do we get such messages? Honestly, you’d be amazed...

Mailto Link

Some older Net browsers don’t understand the “mailto” link. If you have trouble with it, do the following:

  1. Copy this e-address:
  2. Open a new e-mail message.
  3. Paste the address into the “To:” line. Proceed normally.

The message will go to the Managing Editor.

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