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Adventure Books
Alfa Eridiani
Altered Reality Magazine
Bewildering Press
Comstar Media
Dark Hall Press
Drollerie Press
Eclectic Flash
Ethan Ellenberg
Fairfield Scribes
Fantasy Scroll Mag
Flashing Swords
Malinche Interactive Fiction
Mercury Retrograde Press
Monday Night
Planet Magazine
Scribendi Editing Service
Stickler Editing
Submit Press Releases
Trytium Publishing
Vocamus Press
Whortleberry Press

Apollo’s Lyre
Escape Into Life
Eight Clouds
Expression Connection
The 4th Loop
Horror Novels
The Horrorzine
Midnight in Hell
Quantum Muse
Science Fiction Fantasy Horror
Surprising Stories
Temporary Infinity
Whisper Poetry

All About Dragons
Best Website Builders
Book Boardz
Center for the Study of Science Fiction
Cuban Science Fiction
Database of Online Authors
Directory Sci-Fi
Duotrope’s Digest
French Wold Newton Universe
Locus Online
Lucid Eyes Editing
Poetry Publishers
Science,Technology, Our Emerging Society
Sci Fi Worlds
Sci-Fi Guy
SF Site
Short Story Lovers
Viola Fair Publishing Industry Resources
Website Setup
Without Really Trying
Word Dragon
Writers’ Beat
Writers’ Software
Personal websites Specialty Websites

American Poet
Azure Lion Productions
Marian Brooks
Rachelle Arlin Credo
Colin P. Davies
Sara Greenwald
Gerard Guarino
Gary Inbinder
Fran Jacobs
Robert E. Keller
Rebecca Lu Kiernan
Jordan Lapp
C. Meton
Julie Eberhart Painter
Parallel Oonahverse
Mike Philbin Online
Donald Schneider
Robert L. Sellers, Jr.
Duane Simolke
Graham Storrs
Bob Welbaum
Viacheslav Yatsko
Design Art Studio
Expression Connection
Magazine Software
Online Magazines
Online Newspapers
The Planetary Society
Sci Fi Worlds

Other shared or complimentary links
Ancient Artifacts Today
Archeological Photography and News
Area and Zip codes
Discount magazine subscriptions
Historical Guide to American Literature
Hobo Audio
Isabel Art Gallery
MBA Online
Mile High Magazines
MELOmag Magazine
Kelly Moore
Populist Art
Raw Art
True Contrarian

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Magazines and Publishers
Webzines and Personal
Specialty Websites
Art and Photography
Other Complimentary Exchanges

Magazines and Publishers

Adventure Books — An independent print publishing house started by Robert M. Blevins.

Alfa Eridiani revista de ciencia ficción — magazine of science fiction edited by José Joaquín Ramos, a close collaborator with Bewildering Stories.

Alterered Reality Magazine — ‘Speculative fiction, poetry, and art. Explorations are free.’

Analog Science Fiction and Fact — The magazine at whose forum Bewildering Stories originated.

Asimov’s Science Fiction — The website sponsors a very active forum.

Bewildering Press — Please see the Info page.

ComStar Media LLC — ‘A publishing company dedicated to publishing quality fiction from newly discovered or undiscovered writers. We are a multi-genre publishing company who publish quality anthologies and novels.’ (banner)

Dark Hall Press seeks to promote the tradition of Horror storytelling as well as providing exposure for up-and-coming writers. The Dark Hall list will include works of supernatural and non-supernatural horror, as well as cross-genre and experimental works.

Drollerie Press — ‘Tales of creation and dissolution, who we are and where we come from; stories about magic, love, mystery, and life presented within the framework of myth, legend, and fairy tale’.
Sad news: Drollerie Press has had to close on account of the publisher’s ill health. Bewildering Stories extends condolences to an esteemed colleague.

Eclectic Flash — ‘An online and print literary journal dedicated to bringing our readers the best flash literature available on the internet, regardless of style or genre.’

Ethan Ellenberg — Literary agents active in science fiction and fantasy.

Fairfield Scribes — A small press and writers’ group located in Fairfield, Connecticut. Very active. — A website of Delos Books. Primarily in Italian, but English is also prevalent. Very informative.

Fantasy Scroll Mag is a bi-monthly publication featuring science fiction, fantasy, horror, and paranormal short-fiction.

Flashing Swords Press — A press emphasizing medieval fantasy.

Jupiter — ‘A small UK science fiction magazine publishing fiction and poetry from authors across the globe’.

Malinche Interactive Fiction E-Books — ‘A whole new dimension in storytelling. With our brand of fiction you quite literally step inside the story with every interactive eBook we publish. Think of your favorite story. Now think of the main character in that story and imagine that you have become that character...’

Mercury Retrograde Press — ‘Publishes fantasy, science fiction, and interstitial works. We are a small press dedicated to unconventional authors and works that might slip through the cracks at bigger houses, and to developing stories and artists that matter to us — one at a time. ’

Mitrania — Print magazine and e-zine of articles, interviews and news about science fiction, fantasy and horror; appears in February, May, August and November. Wide coverage with a special emphasis on Scandinavian authors and literature.

Monday Night — A new (2001) webzine and magazine publishing mainly literary fiction; dark, contemplative poetry and stories; essays of light, ironic humor; and experimental prose poetry. Open to science fiction, horror, erotica or mystery that is “sharp, intelligent and reaches outside its genre.”

Planet Magazine — ‘Short science fiction and fantasy by emerging writers and illustrators. Online since 1994. See Submission Guidelines page for more information or e-mail’

Sable — ‘An International Magazine for the Imagination, always searching for talented writers, translators, illustrators and cartoonists worldwide. E-mail Fermín Moreno González.’

Scribendi Editing Service — Professional proofreading and editing services

Stickler Editing — ‘Fast and affordable professional editing services, including copy editing, proofreading, copywriting, and more.’

Submit Press Releases — An online news and press release distributor. We also offer affordable social media connectivity and content distribution.

Trytium Publishing ‘strives to offer a broad range of science fiction, fantasy and horror’.

Vocamus Press — ‘Vocamus Press is a micro-publisher specializing in poetry, short prose, and literary fiction from authors in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.’

Whortleberry Press — Founded by Jean Goldstrom. ‘Unusual books for unusual readers; home to writers’.

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Webzines and Personal Websites

American Poet — ‘This is the official website of the famous author, Nick Leforce also well known as the transformational poet. You will be able to read samples of his poetry, follow his events, and stay updated with his latest work.’

Apollo’s Lyre — an online ezine loaded with writing articles, poetry, flash fiction, interviews, and more... for writers and readers of every caliber and genre.

Marian Brooks — personal website

Escape Into Life — A literary arts webzine.

Axxón magazine, Ciencia Ficción en Bits — Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror (in Spanish)

Azure Lion Productions — Richard H. Fay’s website: ‘Prose, poetry, and artwork inspired by history, myth, folklore, and legend.’

Rachelle Arlin Credo — ‘Articles, stories and poetry of a freelance writer and columnist from the Philippines’

Colin P. Davies — ‘Author and illustrator - Check out the latest news and reviews, visit the library, or have fun in the playroom’.

Eight Clouds — Jude Coulter-Pultz’ online literary magazine devoted to promoting new and upcoming authors. Short stories and poetry of all genres considered.

Fields of Night — Sara Greenwald’s fantasty fiction tapestry

The 4th Loop — ‘Strange tales for strange times’

Gerard Guarino: The Devil’s Orchestra — Jerry Guarino’s personal website.

Horror Novels — ‘Short n scary stories is the biggest collection of true and real scary, ghost, haunted and paranormal stories on the web written by famous authors from all over the world. Read and write short scary and ghost stories online here.’

The Horrorzine — A monthly e-zine edited by Jeani Rector.

Gary Inbinder is a senior review editor at Bewildering Stories.

Fran Jacobs —writer of fantasy and the macabre

Robert E. Keller — a place for writers to view tips and see how another writer lives day to day. And, of course, it’s a place to display news on my published and pending works.

Rebecca Lu Kiernan — Rebecca’s blog

Without Really Trying — Jordan Lapp’s blog, with a nice mention of Bewildering Stories.

C. Meton — A contributor to Bewildering Stories and a painter in oils among many talents.

Midnight in Hell — ‘We are an online publication featuring short fiction, festival reports, movie reviews and news within the Horror and Dark Fantasy genres’.

Neometropolis — ‘A PDF-based e-magazine devoted to cyberpunk and technological fiction’.

Julie Eberhart Painter — a veteran contributor.

Parallel Oonahverse — The personal website of Oonah V. Joslin, managing editor of Every Day Poets

Mike Philbin Online — Scary, sexy, bizarro horror stories by author/artist Mike Philbin.

Quantum Muse — ‘Posting the finest in sci-fi, fantasy and alternative writing and artwork. For free. In our sober moments...’

Ralan’s Webstravaganza — We’re listed here. Thanks, Ralan!

RumbleThe micro-fiction web magazine that is open to all genres of fiction. Submissions length limit: 500 words.

Donald Schneider — ‘This site is dedicated to all kids who suffer profound bullying in school due to Tourette's Syndrome, ADHD or for whatever specific reason(s); and to all those who bear such painful memories from childhood’. Also: a citation of Mr. Schneider’s “Pride’s Prison.” — An eclectic mix of science fiction, fantasy and horror flash, poetry and short stories.

SciFiFiction — Bringing action and adventure to science fiction on the web.

Robert L. Sellers, Jr. — A veteran contributor. Check out “A Trekkie’s Prayer,” it’s inspirational!

Duane Simolke — Links and more from the author of Degranon: A Science Fiction Adventure.

Graham Storrs — Graham Storrs gives us a very nice compliment in a blog full of carefully considered, well-expressed insights. Thank you, Graham!

Surprising Stories — John Thiel’s e-zine of fantasy and science fiction. Thrice yearly.

Temporary Infinity — ‘a literary magazine for all genres and all writers, new and established, as well as an outlet for artists and photographers’.

Thunderburst — ‘Dee Rimbaud is an artist, writer and editor, author of The Bad Seed, Dropping Ecstasy With The Angels, and Stealing Heaven From The Lips Of God. He is editor of The Book Of Hopes And Dreams and The AA Independent Press Guide which has information on thousands of print and internet magazines and publishers and is now available online, free of charge.’

VerbSap — ‘Concise eclectic prose; enough said!’ [Laurie Seidler, editor]

Whisper Poetry — ‘Whisper from the Heart Poetry Club was founded (by Stan Almendro; Giselle & Wynand Labuschagne) out of a sincere desire to be different (with an emphasis on being people oriented) and is not just another Poetry Club but rather covers a full spectrum of the arts.’

Viacheslav Yatsko — Satirical poetry, anecdotes, stories, humor and essays.
Russian text
(The website is in both English and Russian and is updated regularly. It also contains articles in English on linguistics and history.)

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All About Dragons — Molly Schwichtenberg’s very readable guide to dragons in world literature. A valuable resource for readers and writers of all ages.

Best Website Builders — Robert Mening’s review of the top 10 website builders. A guide to operations and costs.

Book Boardz — ‘Your Science Fiction Forums and community resources!’

Center for the Study of Science Fiction — A pretty and very informative website at the University of Kansas. History of science fiction, scholarship, current events.

Critters Workshop — Get your stories critiqued, and improve yourself by critiquing others’ stuff.

Cuban Science Fiction — La Ciencia Ficción Cubana — ‘The definitive starting point for exploring the quirky world of Cuban science fiction. Contains Spanish-language originals and English translations of histories, author interviews, essays, and several dozen SF and fantasy stories by over a dozen Cuban writers’.

Database of Online Authors — DOA is a registry for writers who publish science fiction, fantasy and horror stories online.

Directory SciFi — is an on-line directory of science fiction, movies, comics, technology, books, science resources and more.

Duotrope's Digest: search for short fiction and poetry markets
— Duotrope’s Digest: search for short fiction and poetry markets. You can report response and acceptance times, too. Bewildering Stories reached the top of the good-taste list in Duotrope’s ratings, but then the list was discontinued. Bummer.

French Wold Newton Universe — Jean-Marc Lofficier’s very extensive, fascinating and beautifully illustrated history of science fiction “from Cyrano de Bergerac to Jean-Luc Picard.” Once you see it, you won’t want to leave!

Locus Online — Online supplement to Locus, the newspaper of the science fiction field.

Lucid Eyes Editing — ‘The ideal roofreading and editing service for you!’ Aidan Lucid is an Associate Editor of Bewildering Stories.

Poetry Publishers — A large index of websites and publishers accepting submissions sent by e-mail.

ReadAssist — A directory of science fiction publishers in print and on line; also a directory of audio texts and assistive devices for the visually impaired.

Science, Technology and Our Emerging Society — Website of Dan Ronco, author of Peacemaker. “The website helps readers select science fiction, non-fiction and websites focused on new and emerging technologies.” Of note: reviews of science fiction, thrillers, and works on science and technology.

Scifidimensions — ‘a monthly online science fiction magazine offering interviews, articles and reviews covering books, movies, television, comics, science and the paranormal, plus original fiction and commentary’.

Sci-Fi Guy — A very pretty and informative blog of science fiction news and reviews. It’s maintained by Doug Knipe, of Bewildering Stories’ own Guelph, Ontario.

SF Site — ‘the Home Page of Science Fiction and Fantasy — Book reviews, also a good site map and links page’.

Short Story Lovers — a global platform for admirers of short stories. Authors can share their writings and network with fellow authors and publishers and with visitors from all over the world.

TheaterSeatStore offers practical, detailed guides to writing scripts for theater and film.

Viola Fair Publishing Industry Resources — “a website largely concerning avant-garde and postmodern art theory. a large commercial section supports the arts and literature. Books also sold.”

Website Setup — “A simple and straightforward, step-by-step guide on how to create a website. It's super-useful for self-publishing authors because it will allow them to share more about themselves, their bio, their current book projects, social profiles, etc... with their fan base which of course will translate into more sales of their books!”

Without Really Trying — ‘a blog that focuses on collecting resources for the Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Horror writer’, by Jordan Lapp.

Word Dragon — “On this site you will find only markets for your writing that are still active, and coming soon we will also offer the service of proofreading and submitting your works to the most appropriate markets. E-mail me if you are interested.

Writers’ Beat — A comprehensive website and forum for writers. Members include publishers, editors and writers. Our Submissions guidelines are posted there.

Writers’ software — ‘Writers software at can improve your experience of written communication at home, at the workplace and on the Internet as well’. (Bewildering Stories’ link and others can be found here.)

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Specialty Websites

Awhile — ‘Poetry, fiction, non-fiction, photography and original art works centering on the end time.’

Design Art Studio — An art studio managed by Hargun Singh

Expression Connection — “A discussion group for writers (all genres) artists, and musicians who self-publish. The purpose of the group is to provide an outlet for support, feedback, advice, collaboration, and encouragement.”

The Planetary Society — “The largest nonprofit, nongovernmental space advocacy group on Earth”

Magazine Software — ‘Pressmart digital magazine and newspaper publishing software is the complete digital publishing solution for newspaper and magazine publishers.’

Online Magazines — Browse your favorite eMagazines or online magazines from all over the world. You can find country, language and title at eMagazines list.

Online Newspapers — ‘Read daily newspapers online, Choose your online newspaper publication by language, country and newspaper title from around the world at ePaper catalog.’

Sci Fi Worlds — “We have a wide array of science fiction movies, fantasy stories, collectable figures, games, toys, model kits, original art and props, posters, puzzles, novelties, costumes, flying saucers, books, and more! Everything you can imagine in the sci fi universe.”

Bob Welbaum — an esteemed contributor to Bewildering Stories

Art and Photos
Other Complimentary Exchanges

The Missing Link — (It’s not here. We don’t know where it is. If you find it, please send it to us!)

and last, but not least... Add Me!

Other webzines and magazines

(with which we’d like to exchange links but have not been able to for one reason or another)

The Dream People: Bizarre Fiction — Published by John Lawson.
Fantasy & Science Fiction — One of the most important print magazines.
Science-Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America
Sci Fiction — The big pro webzine.
SciFi Editor — A professional writers’ website ‘serving writers, literary agents, and publishers since 1976.’
Static Movement — Link exchange pending. Editor Chris Bartholomew’s blog.
Strange Horizons — The webzine that inspired much of the original organization and layout of our publication.

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