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An index of discussions concerning problems and opportunities that writers commonly encounter. Everything in green is a link and will open in a new window.

All the articles are interesting and informative. The ones marked with a red star were written to deal with the problems most frequently encountered in submissions and are the ones most often cited in critiques.

Quick Reference
The Review Readers’ Checklist
A concise summary of the 12 most common problems encountered
in submissions, with solutions.
Basic Principles
Effective Prose Style : Mark Twain
What Was Mark Twain’s Real Target? : Bertil Falk, Gary Inbinder, Don Webb

Code and Message : Bill Bowler
Finding a Writing Voice : David H. Fears
The Five Stages of a Writing Workshop : Kenneth Nichols
The Meaning of Stories : D. M. Paramskas
Rejections : Jerry Wright
Science Fictional Politics : Bill Bowler
Speedways to Literary Oblivion : Don Webb
What Do Editors Want? : discussion

Narration and Structure Characterization
Action and Plot : Don Webb
The Dead Narrators’ Unsociety : Don Webb
Dramatizing Stories : Ed Kyatt and Don Webb
Endings : Don Webb
Equivocal Conclusions : Jean de La Fontaine
Figurative Language : Don Webb
The Larger Story : Bill Bowler, Gary Inbinder, Don Webb
Loose Ends : David J. Rank, Don Webb
Narration and Point of View : Bill Bowler
Narrative Time : Bill Bowler
Narrative Voice : Clyde Andrews, S. Michael Leier, Don Webb
Plotting and Characterization : discussion
Subtlety and Symbol : Don Webb
Pastiches : Don Webb
Choosing Names
Naming Characters : Cheryl W. Ruggiero, Don Webb
When East Isn’t East : Don Webb

Titles, Audience, and Culture

What’s in a Title? : Don Webb
Who’s Your Audience? : Don Webb
Brand Names and Cultural References : Don Webb
What Were the Songs of Yesteryear? : Don Webb

Prose Genres

The Art of Flash Fiction : Gloria Watts
The Revenge Fantasy : Don Webb
Short Fiction vs. Novel : Carmen Ruggero
Space Aliens as Metaphor : Don Webb
Story vs. Vignette : Thomas F. Wylie & Don Webb


Beasts of My Land : Michael Murry
Gaelic Bardic Verse : Michael Murry

Grammar and Mechanics

Narrative Tenses : Don Webb

California, Here I Comma : Don Webb
Comma Collisions : Don Webb
Style Manual
The Million-Dollar Commas : Clyde Andrews
Those Commas of Yore : Gary Inbinder

Capitalization : discussion
Contractions : Don Webb
Fun With Present Participles : Don Webb
It Beats As It Sweeps As It Cleans : Don Webb
Jots and Tittles : Michael E. Lloyd and Don Webb

Special Cases
A Perspective from the Past : Bill Bowler, Harry Lang
High School Honey: Confessions of a Conflicted Author : Bill Bowler
Promotion: Three Case Studies : Don Webb
Bewildering Stories’ Tenth Anniversary : Don Webb

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